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image5dc1e6fd630e9Recipients of the 2019 Service Club of Andover Mentoring Scholarships speaking at the annual mentoring lunch and Aixa DeKelley, administrator of the mentoring program at Andover High School
image5dc1e6fd630e9Aixa DeKelley of Andover High School and Brad Heim from the Service Club of Andover instructing students and parents about the mentoring program at the 2019 Kick Off Meeting


Working with the Andover High School since 1995, The Service Club of Andover has provided over 800 job shadowing opportunities for high school juniors in the Career Mentoring Program.   The job shadows provide high school juniors valuable experience and information on a career of their choice as they get ready to select a college and an academic major.  Applications are limited.  If you are an interested junior at Andover High School, please refer to the Mentor Program Application.  

Safe Driver In Control Safe Driver is a Massachusetts based program that aims to serve our state's youth by provide in depth driver training to prepare them for myriad real life situations.  This program is the nation's first state certified crash prevention training program for drivers.

The courses are available in North Andover.  To see the curent class schedule click here.

To enroll in one of their programs, you may download the enrollment forms here:  Training Course Enrollment.

Skid School is a safe driver program that teaches young people emergency avoidance manuevers to keep them safe on the road.

The Service Club of Andover makes a difference to the Merrimack Valley YMCA.  We provide financial support that allows the YMCA to send disadvantaged children to the Merrimack Valley Summer camps, and provide them an experience that they’ll remember and value for a lifetime. In addition, we provide funding to the YMCA that allows our friends with disabilities the opportunity to take advantage of the many health and wellness facilities and programming that the YMCA has to offer.

Programs we support include:

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